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Last year, Jasmine Murray made it her mission to learn to dance in the rain, despite running through the storm of losing her husband Marcus after being married for just 9 months.

Here she is, a year later... still very much heartbroken, but she's managing and still learning how to deal. She is still learning how to brave this storm...and yes she is still dancing.

Released on May 21st 2018 (Happy Anniversary)

fun facts


  • The shoes Jasmine wears in the "Roar" segment (by Katy Perry), has Jasmine and Marcus' anniversary date and Marcus' Instagram name "MIMS" embroidered to the back on the heels.

  • The location where Jasmine filmed the outdoor scenes was the exact location where Marcus and Jasmine shot their engagement photos a little over two years ago.

  • The name of the dance studio is “Empower Dance Studio”. The owner Nicole Oxendine, graciously rented her location out to us for part of the day to shoot the film. She welcomes any who would like to rent her facility to visit

  • Heather Marvin (of Heather Marvin Creative) has over 10 years of experience in multimedia design, including that of video post production. Heather Marvin is the older sister of Jasmine Murray.

  • Joseph Headen (of A-side Entertainment & Headgraphix) is a multi-talented designer and director. He has several years of experience and is a pleasure to work with. Check out his work at

  • Both Heather Marvin & Joseph Headen are alumni of the art school, "Living Arts College" in Wakefield, NC.

Cast & Crew



Joseph Headen

Heather Marvin


Lead (Performer & Choreographer)

Jasmine Murray



Joseph Headen



Joseph Headen

Heather Marvin



Jasmine Murray


Original Music by

LaFace Records

"Un-Break My Heart" - Toni Braxton


Capitol Records

"Roar" - Katy Perry


Island Records

"Everybody Knows (Instrumental)" - Sigrid


Set Locations

Empower Dance Studio (Nicole Oxendine)

American Tobacco Road District


Costume & Wardrobe

Jasmine Murray



Kristina Woods


Makeup Artist

Jasmine Murray


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